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The Story

ORANGUTAN JUNGLE SCHOOL - Monday, August 13, 2018

This time the 10 episode series will take viewers on a roller coaster ride of the adventures, trials and tribulations, heartaches, fun, friends, failures and successes of all the orangutans who attend the BOS Foundation’s unique school in a Borneo jungle in Central Kalimantan Indonesia. They are all orphans and are learning skills that one day will enable them to live once again in a true wilderness.

With their rain forest habitat being destroyed by deforestation at an alarming rate there are currently over 300 students going through the school system divided up to suit the age and skill range from babies just a few weeks old, to teenagers and young adults.

Through their lessons in baby nursery, forest school and the island “university” all these youngsters are adapting to the challenges of being taught survival skills by humans as they also deal with the ever-increasing social pressures of life in a tightly-knit community which could determine the future of their species.

This incredible show has it all: friendship, romance, bullies, danger, drama, raging hormones, fear, humour, medical emergencies, heartache, rescues, reunions, attempted escapes, and even teenage pregnancy! And of course most importantly – actual release for graduates – back into the wild.

You’ve experienced it in your own lives. Now see it play out in the real lives of these orphaned orangutans… many of whom will steal your heart!

The stakes are super high for all these orangutans with traumatic pasts.

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